Exhibition Information

We invite you to support the conferences ICAT-EGVE and EuroVR 2014. All two conferences will be held co-located in Bremen, Germany, which opens a great opportunity for exhibitors to present their products and research results on a large exhibition area right next to the conference rooms.

The conferences focus on Virtual Reality as well as Mixed and Augmented Reality technologies including software systems, display technology, interaction devices, and applications. ICAT-EGVE is oriented towards fundamental science and research whereas EuroVR is rather oriented towards applied research and industial applications, which gives a perfect combination to provide a platform for exchange between research, commercial application and technology providers, and end users. Besides scientific presentations, industry-oriented panels (e.g. manufacturing) as well as vendor presentations create a unique opportunity to see, discuss, and share the latest developments. ICAT-EGVE is a merger of the formerly independent, well-known conferences ICAT (Asia) and EGVE (Europe). EuroVR is organized by the European Association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Supporting the conferences will demonstrate strong relations to the Virtual Reality community and provides direct access to research and development partners and potential clients. We expect between 100 and 150 international participants at the conferences in Bremen making it the largest European event in its domain.

The ICAT-EGVE and EuroVR will take place in one of the largest buildings of the University of Bremen. A large exhibition area is provided where companies and research labs are able to presents themselves, products, and research. The exhibition will be open and accessible during the entire conference, December 08-10. Additionally, the exhibition will be open for local industries for free.

The PDF version can be found here.