For your information, you can find the program as a PDF here.


Session 1: Avatars

Rongkai Guo, John Quarles, Gayani Samaraweera
The Effects of Avatars on Presence in Virtual Environments for Persons with Mobility Impairments

Jeanine K Stefanucci, Michael Geuss, Betty Mohler, Uwe Kloos, Matthias Gutekunst, Greg Rauhöft
Short Paper: A video self-avatar influences the perception of heights in an augmented reality Oculus Rift

Yusuke Ujitoko
Interpretation of Tactile Sensation using an Anthropomorphic Finger Motion Interface to Operate a Virtual Avatar

Session 2: Presence and Tele-Operation

Daniel Sjölie, Gregoria Kalpouzos, Johan Eriksson
Neural correlates of disrupted presence: strange disruptions in a naturalistic virtual environment

Maki Sugimoto, Naoya Maeda, Jun Morita
Pathfinder Vision: tele-operation robot interface in consideration of the real environment of 3D geometry for supporting future prediction

Session 3: Manipulation and Head-Mounted Displays

Andrei Sherstyuk, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Yuki Yano
Investigation of Dynamic View Expansion for Head-Mounted Displays with Head Tracking in Virtual Environments

Andrei Sherstyuk, Anton Treskunov
Short Paper: Space-Time Maps for Virtual Environments

Toshiyuki Amano, Kunioki Kono, Shun Ushida, Isao Shimana
Successive Omnidirectional Appearance Manipulation with Multiple Projector Camera Systems

Session 4: Virtual Environments

Daniel Mendes, Alberto Raposo, Antonio Sousa, João Guerreiro, Joaquim Jorge, Daniel Medeiros, Ismael Santos
Beyond Post-It: Structured Multimedia Annotations for Collaborative VEs

Bruno Arnaldi, Rozenn Bouville berthelot, Valérie Gouranton, Guillaume Claude
Short Paper: #SEVEN: A Sensor Effector Based Scenarios Model for Driving Collaborative Virtual Environment

Thierry Duval, Charles Pontonnier, Thi-Thuong Huyen Nguyen
A New Direct Manipulation Technique for Immersive 3D Virtual Environments

Local Lab Demos

On Monday evening/night, several local labs will demonstrate their latest research results:
  • Computer graphics and virtual reality: haptics, camera-based hand tracking, space mission simulation
  • Fraunhofer Medical Imaging: surgery simulation
  • Robotics: catching balls, soccer-playing robots
  • Ambient assisted living lab
  • AI and robotics: Popcorn-making robot and Kitchen Activity Games in the robotics simulator
  • Augmented reality lab
  • Digital media
  • compArt: select old and new computer art